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4.9 Stars | 180+ reviews

Relevant Renovators based on my criteria

Before I contacted HomeMatch, I had obtained some quotes from IDs by referrals from colleagues and retailers. Most of them didn't match what I need. HomeMatch helped me to connect with relevant renovators based on my criteria. I like that they call and talk to homeowners first to understand their situation instead of relying on online answers. I'm thankful for this service which saves us time and inconveniences.


More accurate than other platforms

I tried Homematch's platform to search for potential IDs for my upcoming home renovation. The platform is very easy to use and the matching process is much more detailed and accurate compared to other platforms. Furthermore, Homematch differentiates from other competitors in that they match you with a specific ID, rather than just the firm, and this is very important as a firm's standard does not automatically guarantee the standard all IDs in the firm. Highly recommended for all new homeowners to try their platform to kickstart the search for potential IDs!


Saves time. Huge varieties of experienced Renovators

HomeMatch is an easy platform for us to use because they connect with huge varieties of experienced designer who works together so we don’t have to find a designer individually which often cause a lot of time. HomeMatch also provide consultant who is helpful to us by engaging with us to see what we need and the consultant kindly give us idea and information as we do not have any idea what we really want before matching us with designers . The HomeMatch consultant will also do a followed up and check on the progress.  Thank you HomeMatch! Will recommend your platform to my friends if they need renovation!

Adeline Lee

Followed up on the progress. Will reco to all my friends

HomeMatch was superb at matching us with designers who were very experienced and understood our needs. The homematch consultant frequently followed up on the progress of the discussions and even nudged the designers along if they took too long to get back to us 😄 great work HomeMatch! Will recommend you to all my friends!


The Official Marketing Partner of CaseTrust

4.9 Stars | 180+ reviews

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Match w/ Specific Renovators who meet your Specific needs

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Way to Meet Renovators

You will only work with Renovators from Firms
with at least
4 Stars on FB or Google

💡 Facebook Reviews are more genuine because...

Fake Reviews are rampant. Facebook is our preferred source of truth as you can check if users are real people e.g. account activity, no. of friends, profile photo, account creation date etc.

Most Homeowners ask:

HomeMatch is free?! What's the catch? 😏

There's no catch! Our Matching service is 100% free for Homeowners.

You don't have to worry about additional mark-ups when hiring Renovators you meet from HomeMatch. To ensure that we are a neutral party that makes recommendations based on your best interest, we do not collect sales commissions from our Renovators. We profit by charging Renovators an advertising fee.

As all Renovators we recommend are CaseTrust-accredited, quotations you receive will be itemised to ensure that there are no hidden-markups.

How does the Matching work?

Unlike other Renovation Platforms that connect you with random firms using only your basic information, we want to Match you with Renovators that are most compatible to your unique needs.

Our Matching Algorithm considers your Lifestyle needs, Aesthetics preferences, Working style, and other Key Project Information to Match you with the most compatible Renovators.

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Can I meet Contractors instead of Interior Designers?

Yes you can! You'll have the option to be Matched with Main Contractors only.

Why should I choose Renovators over Firms?

Say no to being randomly assigned to Firms or Renovators! Renovation is an intimate process that you should be in control with. A key ingredient to a successful renovation is to have Chemistry with your Renovator.

Other Renovation Platforms randomly assign you to Interior Firms. Because you can only review a Firm's cherry-picked projects, you are unable to assess the ability of the Renovator that will be working with you.

Furthermore, Interior Firms may also assign you to a random Renovator based on their business needs, giving you no control over choosing the right Renovator.

Where can I browse for photos or reno ideas?

We mainly focus on Matching you with Compatible Renovators. However, you can browse through the Featured Projects of Renovators you're Matched with.

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Why are the Renovators on HomeMatch trustworthy?

As the Official Marketing Partner of CaseTrust, we only Match you with Renovators from CaseTrust-accredited firms that underwent rigorous assessment. They are also required to offer service guarantees such as 100% deposit guarantees, min. 12 month warranty, standard contracts (w/ progressive payment and itemised pricings), and mediation if needed.

Also, we've made sure that all Renovators are from firms with at least 4+ Stars on FB or Google

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