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Why work with CaseTrust-Accredited Renovators

Working with a CaseTrust-accredited Renovator is Safer because it protects you before, during, and after renovation

The TLDR summary 👇

Before Renovation Starts

Rigorous Assessment

You're in Safer hands because all accredited Renovators undergo rigorous assessment which verifies that it has good business practices.

100% Deposit Guarantee

All of your deposits are safeguarded by a performance bond (free for homeowners) in case of closure, winding up and/or liquidation.

Transparent Pricing

Prices are itemised and additional costs are stated upfront.

During Renovation

Progressive Payments

To protect your interests, payments are collected in milestones or phases.

Feedback Management & Mediation Services

There are proper systems in place to handle feedback if there are disputes regarding the home renovation project.  If you reach a deadlock with your Renovator on a dispute, you can request for mediation at CASE which accredited Renovators are required to attend.

*Fees apply. Refer to www.case.org.sg for details.

After Renovation

Min. 12 months Warranty

You will receive a workmanship warranty for a min. period of 12 months.

Withholding Payment

You will only make the final payment (pre-agreed in contract) only after rectifications are made

The nitty gritties for curious souls 👇

What is CaseTrust?

CaseTrust is the accreditation arm of CASE (Consumers Association of Singapore). A Renovation Firm that displays the CaseTrust mark would have underwent rigorous assessment which verified that it has good business practices. Areas of assessment include the firm's policies, practices & systems, and professionalism of their staff. This also mean project transparency for Homeowners to prevent hidden costs.

Reasons to work with CaseTrust-accredited Renovators

1. Deposit Guarantees

All of your deposits will be safeguarded.

CaseTrust-accredited renovators are required to issue you a deposit performance bond for free.

The performance bond acts like an insurance to safeguard 100% of your deposit payments against closure, winding up and/or liquidation.

Every performance bond is underwritten by NTUC Income and issued under your name.

The bond is free for homeowners. No cost will be transferred to you as there is no incremental cost for the renovator. They only pay a small annual premium to insure their entire business.

*Renovators must undergo financial assessment to be eligible

2. Clear Dispute Resolution Framework

Accredited contractors have proper system in place to handle feedback or disputes with homeowners. In the event of disputes that cannot be resolved, they are committed to attend mediation at CASE to reach an amicable settlement with homeowners.

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3. Service Warranty

The Contractor shall provide to the Homeowners a workmanship warranty (“Warranty”) for a period of 12 months (“Warranty Period”) from the completion date of the Works. In the event of any defects arising from the Works during the Warranty Period, the Contractor shall at its own cost, conduct the necessary rectifications works. The Warranty shall not be valid where(i) The Works have been completed to the satisfaction of the Employer/Owner but the Employer/Owner has not made full payment of the Contract Sum; (ii) The Employer/Owner refuses for whatsoever reason to allow the Contractor to conduct any rectification works; (iii) The Contractor is able to show that the defects are as a result of misuse, wilful act or faulty workmanship by the Employer/Owner, his employees, servant, agents or third party working for or under the directions of the Employer/Owner

4. Standard Contract

Accredited renovation contractors are required to follow a stringent set of criteria that includes the use of the CaseTrust Standard Renovation Contract, which outlines each party's obligations and specifies work and payment schedules.

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